The Hygii product development included the implementation of creative and innovative processes to build Interfaces for Social Inclusion, followed by the management of technical development outsourcing which made the interface a reality. 

Research based on the visit to Platahaven ( is a special Preschool for children with disabilities from 3 to 7 years old in Fynen.

The kindergarten goal is to support each child’s progress toward the maximum possible degree of autonomy, to be independent, well-being and mastering their own life.

This colorful, lightweight, fun shaped Hyggi Pillow is pressure activated. It starts vibrating as soon as you squeeze it. Children love to play with it, lean back on it, or hug it to feel the relaxing and calming vibrations. Just squeeze and enjoy the vibrations without the worry of complicated operating instructions or switches. Use the Pillow to help a children relax and go to sleep. It is high quality and safe product where children can have fun by playing multiplayer games developing their social skills and relaxation by vibration and music.

The product is for children with autism from the age of 3 to 7 in kindergarten but it can also used by all children and young people. 



By clicking music section it becomes four different Hygii’s melodies, each of four melodies is different kind of relaxing music. It could be from classic music, jazz music, new age music and classic love song.  


By clicking vibration section it become four different kinds of vibration types. You can choose between harder or smaller vibration and what kind of rhythm you like.



In game section you can choose 3 different type of games for multiple players.  It starts with function to choose how many players you want, after that it become instrument section where you can choose between 2, 3 or 4 instruments.

Each player choose what kind of instrument he wants to play. Children can’t choose two same instruments as they need to create a band with different type of sounds. After the player choose instrument he starts to play together with other players.

The main idea about each instrument is that the melody for everyone is the same and each of the players should play his own instrument. On the screen appears red dot where player need to click on his instrument part. It's impossible to make wrong melody, only right click will make a sound.