Birth place: Earth

Race: Human

Politics: Freedom

Religion: Love

Coffee or tea?

Tea, please


What did you want to be when you where a kid?

I always wanted to work at the Money Factory, I thought if I could work there I would be able to take as much money as I want and give it to everyone who doesn’t have it! Who wouldn't like to work there right?


Who is your idol?

My Dad and my Mom, they are most clever and beautiful people in the world!

Richard Branson is not bad as well...


When did you understand that you would become a Designer?

In secondary school I was always drawing different things in the corner of the notebooks, especially during Math and Chemistry! The teacher said to me: ‘‘this girl is going to become an artist'' - that was the only time I listened to her! 


How do you handle criticism?

I don't shy away from any question. I'll always give you an answer. A lot of people are scared of having actual opinions out there. People are so scared of criticism... I'm not scared of people disliking my work or me. I always listen to them.


What are the three things that you need to be successful in your job?

1. Positive team to work with. People inspire each other.

2. Good environment where I can sketch and make all my ideas and creativity alive.

3. Once a week I need a walk alone in some amazing beautiful place, no internet, no phone, I need to be with myself and the beauty of the world, that’s one of the reasons why I live in Barcelona, such an inspirational city! 


How do you handle difficult clients?

It's part of psychology; you need to feel your client and understand what he or she is going for. Maybe it will sound funny but every time I talk with the client I try to get in their shoes and think like them. There is no such thing as a bad client. Part of my job is to do good work that makes the client happy.


What was your favourite project?

All of them are different and interesting! I remember 3 years ago I had a project in Denmark to create a product which was going to help children with disabilities. We went to the kindergarten to visit kids, to talk with them, to see how they live their daily life. They are such angels, they help you realize the most important thing is to enjoy your life - to be happy - it's all that matters. We made product prototype ''HYGII''. Our team got a lot of good feedback and we were really happy with our results.

My latest and most favourite project is Coworkation
I went to Asia (Bali, Thailand and other places) to help the founder start this company from scratch, I truly loved the idea and concept of the brand and it turned out to be a life changing experience. 
It was amazing to work in a completely different, inspirational and cultural environment and to be trusted with this much responsibility. My tasks included branding, website, UX, UI, videography, operating the drone, photography amongst a lot of others.
I feel I’ve grown a lot from it, not only from a professional perspective, as well as a personal one.

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Your formula to success?

 Stay positive no matter what...but there is two important things for full success in life:

1.    Don´t tell everything you know.